Universal Controller Pendant

Sharon Fitness, Artist 2020 © All rights reserved See full details

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These items help the wearer or user gain control of situations they feel uncomfortable with. Fitness says "This year more than ever things have felt out of control, particularly with the Covid lockdowns and Black Lives Matter protests. These devices enable you to change the way you view the world." The pendant comes with three videos that feature a light-hearted performance of the artist using it to gain the attention of some sheep in a paddock, highlighting the surreal and almost absurd situation the entire world has found itself in because of humankind's unnatural relationship with the natural world and each other. The use of this domestic animal also alludes to the idiom of behaving like a sheep, where people tend to follow others blindly without thinking for themselves.
Fitness goes on to say "The Universal Polarising Device is made of kauri gum and buttons and was particularly responding to Black Lives Matter, Trumpisms and the left vs right political arguments that flooded our lives last year. With this device you can simply change your lens with a black and white button."
Universal Controller Pendant
Production date
kauri, buttons, knobs, auxiliary cord, glue [plus 3 digital audio visual files]
pendant: 150 x 73 x 110mm (h x w x d)
necklace: 710 x 160 x 1560mm (h x w x l)
Credit line
Collection of The Dowse Art Museum, purchased with the assistance of the Blumhardt Foundation, 2021
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